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Is signal amplifier really useful?

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2022-09-06 14:14:49

The cell phone signal intensifier is useful. Many people have used it. Its feature is that it can only provide timely assistance. If your cell phone signal is good, you don't need to install this software to switch the base station. If your signal is poor, the effect of switching the base station is relatively large.

Of course, it is useless in elevators, basements (signal shielding, no matter how many BTS signals are switched, it is useless) or remote places (where there are no or few BTSs).

At present, amplifiers can make signals reach weak places, but the following problems are network speed reduction and delay increase. Besides, low-cost amplifiers do not support wireless roaming. That is, when you reach the signal range of the amplifier, you will still be connected to the router instead of the amplifier, or serious packet loss will occur. The principle of the amplifier is that your device originally communicates with the router directly, but now you should communicate with the amplifier first, Then the amplifier communicates with the router. Of course, if the signal at the amplifier location is too weak (below - 70 dbm, the cell phone wifi signal is one grid), even if the amplifier is installed, it is not very useful.

The price of the signal shield is about several hundred yuan each, and the expensive one is about one or two thousand yuan. The price of signal shields for different purposes varies. As far as the purpose is concerned, 1. Slow start function. After the shield is powered on, the working power supply rises from zero to stable within 4 seconds. 2. Shielding function: after starting, the mobile phone within the range of action will be shielded within 35 seconds. If you want to know more about the information and price of the signal shield, you can consult China Xiamen Lineyi Trading Co., Ltd.

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