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Does WiFi signal amplifier really work?

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2022-09-19 15:29:24

Does WiFi signal amplifier really work? WiFi signal amplifier, also known as "expander" and "intensifier", plays a certain role in expanding or enhancing WiFi signals in practical use.

What is a WiFi signal amplifier?

WiFi signal amplifier is essentially a kind of wireless router specially used for bridging or relaying wireless networks, but it is slightly different from wireless routers.

In terms of hardware, the WiFi signal amplifier is mainly composed of the main control IC, power amplifier IC and antenna, which is basically similar to the wireless router, but the difference is that the WiFi signal amplifier integrates the power adapter inside the chassis and can be directly connected to the mains for use; In terms of software, WiFi signal amplifier only provides the basic functions of distribution network, which is simpler than the operation method of wireless router.

When in use, the WiFi signal amplifier needs to be placed in the middle of the signal expansion area and the signal coverage area of the main router, and then connected to the WiFi signal amplifier through the mobile phone app, and connected to the main router, so that it can expand the WiFi signal of the main router through bridge or relay.

Mistake: WiFi signal amplifier is not "amplified" signal.

In the traditional sense, "amplifying signal" refers to amplifying the amplitude of the input signal without changing the frequency through professional electronic equipment and transmitting it through the corresponding gain antenna to achieve greater signal coverage. It is obvious that the WiFi signal amplifier here does not actually play the role of "amplifying the signal". It only "forwards" the WiFi signal of the autonomous router in the future and enhances the Internet quality of the main router with its own signal coverage. Therefore, "WiFi signal amplifier" should be called "extender".

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