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Antenna selection of coverage base station in mountainous area

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2022-07-25 11:29:52

Application environment features: in remote hilly and mountainous areas, the mountain block is serious, the propagation of radio waves is fading, and the coverage is difficult. Generally, the coverage is wide. Scattered users are distributed within a wide coverage radius of the base station, and the traffic volume is small. The base station may be built on the top of the mountain, in the middle of the mountain, at the foot of the mountain, or at a suitable location in the mountain area. It is necessary to distinguish different user distribution and terrain characteristics to select the location, type selection and antenna of the base station. The following situations are common: station construction in basin type mountain area, station construction in high mountain area, station construction in mid mountain area, station construction in ordinary mountain area, etc.

Antenna selection principle:

Selection of direction pattern: the selection of direction pattern depends on the location, station type and surrounding coverage requirements of the base station. Omnidirectional antenna or directional antenna can be selected. For the base station built on the mountain, if the location to be covered is relatively low, the direction pattern with large vertical half power angle shall be selected to better meet the coverage requirements in the vertical direction.

Antenna gain selection: select medium antenna gain, omnidirectional antenna (9-11dbi) and directional antenna (15-18dbi) according to the distance of the area to be covered.

Inclination selection: when the station is built on the mountain and the place to be covered is under the mountain, the antenna with zero filling or preset inclination shall be selected. The size of the preset dip angle depends on the relative height between the base station and the place to be covered. The greater the relative height, the larger the preset dip angle should be selected.

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