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SMA,SMB,MCX,MMCX series RF coaxial connectors

Product Detail

We are specialized in producing small rf connectors.

The main products are SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX series.

SMA series product is one kind of application very extensive small thread joins coaxial connector, it has the frequency high, the performance is superior, the life long characteristic, is suitable for the microwave equipment and the digital communication system's radio frequency connector.

MCX series rf connector is a kind of small push-in self-locking connector. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and compact structure. It can be used for small electronic equipment or network system with requirements on size, weight and installation method.

Product processing cycle: less than 10 thousand pieces in 7 days.10,000-20,000 for 10 days.More than 20,000 pieces of consultation.

Product processing equipment;CNC lathes, instrument lathes, foot stamping presses and ancillary equipment.

Main technical characteristics

Temperature range :-65 ~ +165 degrees

The characteristic impedance: Ω 50, 75 Ω

Frequency range :DC ~ 6GHz

Working voltage: 250 v (50 Ω), 170 v (75 Ω)

Material and coating

Case: brass plated with hard gold

Jack: Bronze plated with hard gold

Insulator: Polytetrafluoroethylene

Applicable technical standard

CECC 22220

IEC 61169-36

SMA,SMB,MCX,MMCX series RF coaxial connectors
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