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What is 5G?

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2022-08-20 15:41:00

5G is the fifth generation (and the latest) cellular network technology. It is expected that 5G cellular network will significantly improve network capacity and spectrum efficiency.

In addition to providing faster connection and larger capacity, 5G has a very important advantage of fast response time (called delay).

Delay is the time it takes for devices to respond to each other through the wireless network. The typical response time of 3G network is 100 ms, that of 4G is about 30 ms, and that of 5G is as low as 1 ms. This opens up a new world of connected applications almost instantaneously.

5G brings three new functions:

Faster speed can move more data

Reduce latency to improve network response time

Ability to connect many other devices at once

5G mainly works in two spectral areas below 6 GHz (called sub 6), while mmwave expands the frequency range used for cellular communication.

Using spectrum below 6GHz for 5G combines the advantages of 5G NR performance with the known RF characteristics of previous generation deployments below 6GHz.

The other is the popular 5G millimeter wave band in Europe and America, which ranges from 26.5Ghz to 300GHZ.

At present, the application frequency band of global communication antenna is mainly based on sub6 and millimeter wave. China has adopted more cost-effective and stable sub6g band communication antennas.

5G application scenario:

Industrial Internet of things

Warehouse automation

Intelligent vehicle

smart city

Real time position tracking

Augmented and virtual reality

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