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Main Specifications of RF Oscillators

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In the RF system, the oscillator is one of the most basic devices. It can convert DC power into RF power, establish a stable sinusoidal oscillation at a specific frequency point, become the required RF signal source, and can tune the frequency. auxiliary and other functions. This article will briefly introduce the specifications and different types of RF oscillators.

Main Specifications of RF Oscillators

An RF oscillator is a material and structure that produces a repeatable and predictable frequency response when excited, and is a key component in many analog, digital, and RF circuits.

The main indicators are:

Working frequency

The output signal of the oscillator is basically a sinusoidal signal. It is impossible to make the oscillation frequency absolutely accurate. The higher the frequency, the larger the error. There are many factors that affect the frequency, such as ambient temperature, internal noise, component aging, mechanical vibration, power supply ripple, etc.

Output Power

Power is an important indicator of oscillators. Generally, stable transistors or compensation methods are used, and amplitude stabilization circuits can also be added.

Tuning range

The tuning range is for the voltage range of the varactor or the current range of the YIG.

Power supply

The power supply voltage and current required to ensure the safe operation of the oscillator. There should be enough margin for DC power.

Structure size

The shape structure and installation size of the oscillator are limited by the application.

Types of RF Oscillators

RF oscillators consist of electrical components that oscillate by interacting with each other, as well as materials that generate a resonant signal when excited. Some types of oscillators also employ digital or analog control circuits in order to improve the oscillator's electrical performance and stability against long-term operation, temperature, material and component degradation, and other factors. There are many types of oscillators:

PE19XP5000 (phase-locked crystal oscillator, surface mount (SMT), 0.9-inch package)

According to the oscillation excitation mode, it is divided into

Free-running oscillator

Alternately excited oscillator

According to the circuit structure is divided into

Resistor-capacitor oscillator

Inductor Capacitor Oscillator

crystal oscillator

tuning fork oscillator

According to the output waveform is divided into

Sine wave oscillator

Square wave oscillator

Sawtooth Oscillator

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