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RF antenna of RF terminology

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Active Electronically Steered Antenna

2. Angle of Arrival

Angle of arrival is the angle at which the radio wave collides with the antennas.

3. Antenna

A device which interprets electrical signals/radio waves and transforms it to the other form (signal to waves, waves to signal).

4. Antenna, Horn

A horn shaped directional antenna, designed by William T. Slayton in 1954.

5. Antenna, Microstrip Patch

A flat antenna which sits atop a microstrip, with a wide beam and a narrow bandwidth.

6. Antenna, Monopulse

An antenna capable of gathering angle data with only a single pulse.

7. Antenna, Vivaldi

Vivaldi antennas, also known as "tapered slot antennas," are used for their surprisingly large bandwidth and ease of fabrication.

8. Boresight

The direction that an antenna physically pointed to achieve maximum object illumination.

9. DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

A network of separated antennas connected to a common source that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure such as an office building or school campus.

10. Directivity

Directivity, a term generally associated with antennas, refers to the ratio of the measured power density at its peak point, versus the ideal power density.

11. Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A network of separated antennas connected to a common source that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure such as an office building or school campus.

12. Efficiency, Antenna

A measure of resistive loss in an antenna, calculated by dividing the actual emitted power from an antenna by its theoretical value.

13. Electronically Steered Array

A smart antenna system that utilizes beam forming rather than physically moving the azimuth to direct the signal.

14. Gain

Ratio between output and input power of an amplifier, antenna, or other device measured in decibels.

15. IEC Antenna Connectors DIN 45325

A snap-in coaxial connector for IEC antenna's which is capable of transmitting frequencies at max of 1 GHz.

16. Omnidirectional Antenna

Ideally, it is an antenna that is capable of radiating in all directions on the horizontal plane.

17. Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Occurs in passive devices such as cables or antennas that are subjected to two or more high power tones. PIM is the result of multiple tones mixing. The higher the signal amplitudes, the more pronounced the effect of PIM.

18. Peak Sidelobe Ratio

Ratio between the highest side lobe intensity to the intensity of the beam parallel the azimuth of an antenna.

19. Radiator

The basic element in an antenna that actually emits a signal.

20. Reciprocity

An antenna works in exactly the same manner in receiving the signal as it does when sending a signal.

21. Rubber Duck Antenna

An electrically short monopole antenna that is protected by a plastic or rubber jacket. Its function is similar to a base-loaded whip antenna.

22. Sidelobes

Undesirable gain response of an antenna in a direction not with the main beam.

23. Transceiver

A component capable of both transmitting and receiving signals. In the RF sphere, it's implementation is used to tighten the gap between digital signals and antennas.

24. UCA

An acronym for Uniform Circular Array, which is an arrangement of antennas in a circular formation, equally spaced apart.

25. Yagi

A directional, shortwave antenna containing a group of dipoles that are equally insulated and are parallel with a horizontal conductor. Yagi's contain one or two dipoles that are connected with the receiver.

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