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RF transceiver

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RF transceiver transmission is widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless networks, wireless meter reading, access control systems, community paging, industrial data acquisition systems, wireless tags, identification, non-contact RF smart cards, small wireless data terminals, Safety and fire protection systems, wireless remote control systems, biological signal acquisition, hydrometeorological monitoring, robot control, wireless 232 data communication, wireless 485/422 data communication, digital audio, digital image transmission and other fields.

RF super-regenerative and super-heterodyne receiver performance

The performance of super-regenerative and super-heterodyne circuits has its own advantages and disadvantages. The super-regenerative receiver is inexpensive, economical, and has high receiving sensitivity, but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the frequency is subject to large temperature drift and poor anti-interference ability. The advantage of the superheterodyne receiver is stable frequency, good anti-interference ability, and stable performance when combined with a single-chip microcomputer. The disadvantage is that the sensitivity is lower than that of the super regenerative receiver, the price is much higher than that of the super regenerative receiver, and there may be blocking when the strong signal is close. phenomenon.

Notes on RF wireless module development

The module must use signal modulation to work normally. Common fixed code encoding devices such as PT2262/2272 can be directly connected. It is very simple. Because it is a dedicated encoding chip, the effect is very good and the transmission distance is very long.

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