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How can RF coaxial connectors ensure accuracy

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2020-10-07 16:18:05

For RF coaxial connectors in adapters or cable connectors, due to the difference in socket size, it is difficult to avoid the transition of conductor cross-sectional size from small increase or large reduction. In order to minimize the reflection surface caused by non-continuous capacitors in the transition section, there are generally three transition methods: oblique transition, cone transition and hyperbolic transition. The latter two transition methods are chosen because of the complicated production and processing and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Conversely, because the production and processing are convenient and the accuracy is very easy to manipulate, the bevel transition form is basically used in the current standard connectors (including the precision type). The basic principle of this type of transition is that the diameter of the separated inner and outer conductors protrudes at the junction of the connector and the cable. Generally, there is a sudden change in the diameter of the conductor. In addition, for the connector that connects the corrugated tube cable commonly used in TV broadcasting system software and microwave heating engineering projects, there is still a problem of transforming the shape of a conductor, that is, from a smooth conductor to a spiral or ring Figure corrugated tubular conductor is a unique problem for this type of connector.

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