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Five common interfaces for video optical transceivers

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2021-08-08 09:49:45

There are mainly five types of commonly used interfaces for video optical transceivers, namely BNC interface (video), optical fiber interface (optical fiber), RJ-45 interface (Ethernet), serial port RS485 (data), and RJ-11 interface (phone). Functions of five interfaces:

1, BNC interface

The BNC interface refers to the coaxial cable interface. The BNC interface is used for 75 ohm coaxial cable connection. It provides two channels of receiving (RX) and transmitting (TX). It is used for the connection of unbalanced signals and is usually used for AV signals. transmission. The main interface of the video optical transceiver is used for connecting camera equipment to transmit video signals in monitoring.

2. Optical fiber interface

   Optical fiber interface is a physical interface used to connect optical fiber cables. Usually there are SC, ST, FC and other types, they are developed by Japan NTT company. FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector. The external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. The ST interface is usually used for 10Base-F, and the SC interface is usually used for 100Base-FX. The commonly used optical fiber interface of optical transceiver is FC single fiber, which mainly converts the digital signal of optical transceiver into optical signal for long-distance transmission through optical fiber.

3. RJ-45 interface

The RJ-45 interface is the most commonly used interface for Ethernet. RJ-45 is a commonly used name, which refers to the standardization by IEC (60) 603-7, using 8 positions (8 pins) defined by the international connector standard Modular jacks or plugs.

4. serial port RS485

   This interface is mainly used to connect the PTZ and control the rotation of the yuan table. To achieve the purpose of multi-directional monitoring. Optical transceivers generally use RS485.

5. RJ-11 interface

  The RJ-11 interface is what we usually call the telephone line interface. RJ-11 is the common name for connectors developed by Western Electric. Its shape is defined as a 6-pin connection device. The original name was WEXW, where x stands for "active", contact or threading pin. This interface is generally used for optical transceivers to transmit telephone services.

Summary: There are many types of services transmitted by optical transceivers, and the interfaces used are also very rich. It should be noted that many of these services include telephone, serial port, audio, etc. Optical transceiver manufacturers have unified RJ45 network ports. These services can also be transmitted according to the network port definition in the manual.

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