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What is a solid state power amplifier? RF solid state power amplifier?

Author:Xia Men Lineyi Antenna & Connector Click: Time:2020-08-20 09:43:15

Solid-state power amplifiers have the advantages of small size, low working voltage, long life, high efficiency, and high reliability. They have been widely used in radio frequency/microwave/millimeter wave systems such as radar, mobile communications, interference, and identification, and occupy very Important position.

To put it simply, a solid-state power amplifier is a module that integrates and encapsulates the circuit with amplifying function to amplify the signal.

There are many kinds of solid-state power amplifiers, such as solid-state power amplifiers that amplify audio (dumb power amplifier blocks), solid-state power amplifiers that amplify microwave signals, etc. They are characterized by easy use, and only need to provide working power to the module and input signals that meet the requirements. After connecting the output, it can work normally.

Generally speaking, the radio frequency solid-state amplifier refers to a semiconductor power amplifier used to amplify the power of the radio frequency signal. Supplement: Early RF amplifiers used expensive vacuum tube devices. Nowadays, except for high-power applications (≥100W), other RF amplifiers use solid-state amplifiers. There are two types of solid-state amplifiers: two-terminal negative resistance diode devices, and three-terminal transistor devices. Nowadays, three-terminal transistors are mainly used. Solid-state transistors can be divided into two categories: bipolar and unipolar devices.

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