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Whole machine power amplifier MW1982-20W 50Ω 43dBm(20W) 20MHz to 2500MHz

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I. Overview

"Complete power amplifier"

MW1982-20W microwave power amplifier adopts the latest GaN power tube and ultra-wideband power matching synthesis technology. The instrument uses a single knob to control the power output and size, and the front panel 3.5-inch high-bright LCD display indicates the output power value. Because the instrument uses automatic level control technology (ALC), its output power can be almost constant when the input power changes. It is also due to the automatic level control technology that it can be more than one hundred The frequency range of the octave has a very flat amplitude-frequency response. The multiple fans on the rear panel enable the instrument to work continuously and reliably. The typical indicators and detailed descriptions are described later.

MW1982-20W, 20MHZ-2500MHZ, 20W, with ALC and LCD power display adjustable

Electrical performance parameters

Input standing wave ratio 2.5

Gain 50dB

Gain flatness ±2.0dB

Frequency range 20~2500MHz

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature range -20~+40℃

1. Frequency range: 20~2500MHz

2. Typical technical characteristics and applications

2. Typical output power: 20W

3. Small signal open loop gain: >50dB

4. Input and output connectors: N/Female

5. Characteristic impedance: 50Ω

6. Working environment temperature: -20~50℃

 7. Dimensions: Standard 19-inch 2U chassis 448×360×88mm (excluding handles and feet)

8. Weight: 4KG

9. Applicable fields: RFI/EMC testing, CW/FM power amplification

"Complete power amplifier"

"Complete power amplifier"

"Complete power amplifier"

"Complete power amplifier"

"Complete power amplifier"

"Complete power amplifier"

8. Instructions for use

 The power supply must be well grounded, and the power supply socket conforms to the L-N-G standard with a 3-hole arrangement. Each instrument in the test system works at the same common potential, and the instrument can work when it is turned on. After 30 minutes of warm-up, the instrument works stably, which can guarantee the whole machine index.

1.Rear panel: Connect the AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz with the standard power cord. Pay attention to observation and turn on the power of the instrument to ensure that the fan is running normally. Be careful not to block the fan and affect ventilation.

2. Front panel: After pressing the power switch of the instrument, the power indicator light is on. The input end of the instrument is connected to the output of a radio frequency (RF) signal source, and the output end of the instrument is connected to the load. Adjust the output of the signal source to ensure that the power of the input port is between -10 and +5dBm. Press the "PRESET" key to restore the meter to the preset state.

3. The coding knob has a radio frequency output switch. When you press it down for a while, it makes a touch sound. In the LCD interface: the indication "OFF" after "STATUS" changes to "ON", and the radio frequency module inside the instrument is now powered on Working state, the output of the signal source can be turned on at this time.

4. Rotate the encoding knob clockwise to increase power, and counterclockwise to decrease power. Each step of rotation changes the power value by 0.1dBm.

5. The "RF ON/OFF" key is the radio frequency output switch key. You can press this key when you need to interrupt the radio frequency output during use.

Nine, general fault judgment and elimination

1. The power indicator does not light up and the cooling fan does not rotate. Check if the power is on or the fuse is broken.

2. Garbled characters and mosaics appear on the display interface at power-on, press the "PRESET" key to reset the instrument settings.

3. Low output power: Rotate the encoder to see if the display interface changes.

5. No power output: Check whether the status of the display interface "STATUS" is "OFF".

6. The above problems are normal, but there is still no signal output. Check whether the external signal is normal.

After the above methods are checked, the amplifier is still malfunctioning, please consult the manufacturer for answers.

List of accessories: MW1982-20W power amplifier host 1PCS

           Power cord 1PCS

           Manual 1PCS

           5A insurance tube 1PCS

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