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Briefly describe the role of power amplifiers

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Briefly describe the role of power amplifiers

The role of power amplifier


The main function of the preamplifier is to perform necessary processing and voltage amplification on the program signal transmitted by the signal source, and then output to the postamplifier. It is like a railway fork, controlling which channel of audio signal is connected to the power amplifier and which channel of audio signal is disconnected from the power amplifier.

Power amplifier

The post-stage power amplifier is the part that performs pure power amplification. Its function is to amplify the signal from the previous stage as much as possible. Our requirement for the post-stage is that the amplification factor is as high as possible, and the distortion of the amplified signal should be as high as possible. Probably low. In addition to the amplifier circuit, various protection circuits are also designed, such as short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-heat protection, and over-current protection.

Briefly describe the role of power amplifiers

Amplify the volume: The main function of the power amplifier is to amplify the volume, which is generally used in home audio and various audio equipment. The installation of the power amplifier is also relatively simple, many audio equipment will come with some power amplifiers, but because it can not meet the needs, some people will install a power amplifier.

Improve sound quality: In addition to amplifying the volume, the power amplifier also has the effect of improving sound quality. But it should be noted that only the power amplifier is installed correctly, it can effectively improve the sound quality of our audio system.

Used in the military field

A very important function of the power amplifier is to use it in the military, mainly to amplify the captured signal. Since the sound signal we capture is very small, it is difficult to obtain effective information, at this time we can use a power amplifier to amplify the signal.

The role of audio power amplifier

There are two types of audio amplifiers: one is an operational amplifier dedicated to audio amplification, which has relatively good performance in the audio range (mainly frequency response characteristics and distortion characteristics, and good audio amplifiers are both very good). Generally used in the pre-amplification stage of audio.

The other is an audio power amplifier, that is, a power amplifier circuit, which is used in the driver stage of the audio. It can drive a speaker or audio with a relatively large power to make it emit sound.

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