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Auto Fuse AB11

Product Detail

Type:AB19U    Specfication:AB11001-AB11035

Products Note:


PLUG-IN FUSES             No.AB11xxx. Plug-in Fuse             Series.AB11xxx.
1. Scope-Thefuses shown are for in motor vehicles,boatsand trailers        to protect ect electricai wiring and equipment。Thisstandard isforthe construction shown and is not intended to restrict thedesign and use of otherconfigurations and materials capableofmeeting the vehicle requirements.

2.Definition- A fuse is a device designed to interrupt the electricalcircuit when subjected to overcents。This action is to be
nonreversible and the fuse is intended to be replaced after the circuit,malfunction has been corrected.

3. Application file: Complies with:  The standard wage SAE J2077 Special Purpose Fuse

Auto Fuse AB11
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