Drawer Type SIM Card Connector


SIM card connectors can be used in GPS units, GPRS modems, wireless telephones, Good contact performance, High durabilit 


Drawer Type SIM Card ConnectorSIM card connector, SIM card socket, SIM card holder

Model: KF022


1. General Characteristics

  With drawer type, w/o detective switch

  Dimension: 29.6x21.26x2.86mm (LxWxH)

  Weight: 1.32g (approx.)

Durability: 10000 cycles

2. Mechanical Characteristics

  Insulation material: Thermoplastic, UL 94V-0

3. Electrical Characteristics

  Number of contacts: 6 pin or 8 pin (optional)

  Contact resistance: ≤ 60MΩ

  Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ/500VDC

4. Solderability

  IR reflow: 260 degrees centigrade, 8-10 sec max.

  Hand soldering: 330 degrees centigrade, 3 sec max.

5. Environment characteristics  

  Operating temperature: -25~+85 degrees centigrade

  Operating humidity: 10%~95% RH

  Storage temperature: -25~+85 degrees centigrade

  Storage humidity: 10%~95% RH

Drawer Type SIM Card Connector